User documentation and participation

One primary problem to address when designing a political model is how to get the users to understand, familiarise, control the processes and mechanisms involved. This becomes even more evident when the scale is large enough like in the case of a city council.

Knowledge and understanding are the cornerstones of an effective use of a participative policy sysyem: lack of these fundaments might lead to poor adoption, misuse, abuse and ultimately the corruption of the policy and the degradation of the group itself. It is not a case that many modern advanced democracies have fairly complicated government structures and proticols, with professional politicians belonging to restricted circles of experts in the political field. This by itself can be considered as a ‘lack of documentation’ and carries along all of the above undesireable consequences. Preventing or discouraging the participation to the political life to the common individual is by itself a violation of our social nature as it would be for a child to stay in the same playground with other kids and be prevented to socialize and play with the others.

Fortunately this is a two sided coin, as with the increase of knowledge, awareness and power held by the member of the community, you can expect a corresponding increase of participation and value generated by the community itself.

It is wise to not to consider the politics as a job, but as an activity one ought have when desired or needed, like taking care of your backyard or taking the wife for a dinner out at the right time. You won’t like to have your wife going out for dinner with your political delegate, correct? And I guess nobody can do a better job with your flowers and plants in your garden too. Hence you should demand the same involvement when it comes to the group demanding taxes to you.

When imagining a complete political solution I can’t think of it not being completely understandable and documented, intuitive and rich of tutorials and whatever means to obtain the obvious purpose of having competent and efficient users making the most out of it.

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