The idea of this blog is to keep a living notebook of my thoughts about politics and how feel about it.

I don’t think we live in bright times about politics and I feel like the very least I could do is to communicate what I think about it. And I like to look at problems from all angles.

The problem of politics I believe is not necessarily hard, today with technologies and networks a great deal of the communication problems are already solved for us.

What is finally available into this world with the advent of the internet is the ability for the individual to speak up and be listened by whoever wants to hear.

What I think is missing into politics is people’s direct involvement and a straightforward application of logics.

I believe it’s about time to think it all over from scratch and sort it all out for good, as simple as that, no matter how big or hard it is supposed to be.

And if it will ever happen, it might only come from the individuals contributing to the society with their ideas and energy. It is very unlikely it will ever come from an established body of government because it is not in its design to allow for change from the outside in its fundamental aspects.



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