Truth, facts, ideas

What is truth? What is a fact? What is an idea, compared to a truth or a fact?

This kind of questions seem to come straight from a philosophical dissertation, but nevertheless they appear to be key in the forming of a technical, logical mind capable of producing optimal solutions to the problems of the man.

It can be observed that these concepts have an inherent power. The highest power I have observed is the power of the ideas. A man can change, fight, evolve or involve, live or die simply by formulating or accepting and making his own an idea. This force alone is, from the point of view of the individual, superior to all other factors since by his ability to formulate or accept ideas he also creates, alters or hides facts to his own sight.
So, having such a strong factor in play, the other factors might assume a less absolute connotation, being influenced by the ideas of the individual.

Then the truth or the fact, as perceived by the individual, modified by his ideas form his point of view about things. This could be an explanation of why we can’t always have a united group with all members thinking equally about the rules or the tenets of the group itself, each member is in reality a very sophisticated thinking or philosophical unit and will be true to itself and its ideas first, then he will try and embrace an external source of thought.

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